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Termite is a kind of insects that targets typically wooden objects like wooden furniture, wooden window frames, wooden doors, etc. they inhabit inside of them creating tunnels and holes inside of them thus; it destroyed your property gradually from inside, without you even knowing about it. Effective methods should be executed in termite management to get rid of them totally.

An expert hand and broad knowledge about termites is needed when dealing with termite. The pest managers should be mindful of all health related matters due to pesticides and how to spread pesticides appropriately so as to get a 100% result .The pest managers at termite treatment Perth WA are competent and educated to deal with any kind termite circumstances. With the primary aim of providing best superiority services, the pest managers attempt to develop the best operational strategy for the existing situation. Improved with excellent knowledge, understanding and these teams are tough against any acute termite situation.

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Around the world, there are about 2,500 different species of termites, and there are 350 species termites in Australia, on the other hand only 30 are considered as pests. Termites are known as white ants because they have colonies that are structured in a virtually identical way to ordinary ants. There is a king and a queen in termite colony, along with workers that look after the feeding of the colony and there are soldiers that look after the safety of the colony, and curiously this is largely against true ants that are their ultimate predators. Termites are mainly well-known in the tropics and sub tropics with a small number of it in temperate Australia.

We need to accept that there are termites in Australia because they are a natural part of the Australian landscape. These termites become knotty when they are in close remoteness to your house, but it is thoughtless to get treatment for a problem before it exists. Termites are a huge problem they have in Australia. Termites Australia are the most destructive in the world.
Termite damage have increased ever since the removal of soil barrier chemicals in 1995. Studies carried out by CSIRO, point toward that every 1 in 3 homes in high risk areas are susceptible to termite attack.

A large proportion of Australia is at high jeopardy as realized by this termite risk assessment map devised by CSIRO. Australian termites is costing an estimated $780 million damage to Australian houses each year.

It was estimated by National Archicentre that “650,000 homes have been broken by Australian termites costing $3.9 million in treatment and repair usually over a five year cycle.”

Having these statistics in mind, it is obvious that Australian’s need to become more cognizant of termites and acquire or learn how to protect their properties from termite destruction, particularly since home proprietors cannot protect their homes against termite loss. Australia is colonized by over 350 species of termites. However, around 20 of these termites can destroy timber in homes. Termites are generally related with ants, but this in inappropriate. Termites are precisely allied to grasshoppers and cockroaches. They only take after ants in that they are of same size with similar habitats.

Termites always love moist, warm and dark areas. They hardly ever come out into the open and as a result travel underground. Some of them build high mounds of up to 6 meters high and other lives in 18-20 feet below surface. Termite colony may occur up to 300 meters far from the point of their food source. This makes it difficult to trace the source of the colony.

Listed below are the most common termites in Australia

  • Mastotermitidae
  • Rhinotermitidae
  • Termitidae
  • Termopsidae
  • Kalotermitidae (Dry wood termite)


Mastotermes darwiniensis

This is called “Giant Termite” and occurs in North of Capricorn. It is the most destructive termite in Australia, but then again because of its partial distribution to Northern Australia its status is virtually unknown. It outbreaks any wood in contact with the ground for instance, trees, shrubs. Also eats certain clothing, leather, paper and other objects.


Coptotermes acinaciformis

This occur all over Australia. It the most damaging termite of wooden buildings structures in Australia. Although, Mastotermes darwiniensis is more destructive than Coptotermes acinaciformis but since it occurs over most of Australia it is considered as more destructive species.

Heterotermes ferox

This species attack paling fences, poles, flooring, posts and weatherboard flooring in particular is favored by this termite. It is also found throughout Australia but only causes apparent damage.

Coptotermes lacteus

Termite occurs in Southern Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria. They builds large mounds and attacks several timber on the ground. They do not usually attack buildings.

The best protection against termites is to be taking the initiative and have a termite preventive system set up around your home.