Black Ant Treatment Perth

Black ants are a thGeneric ant diversity maps most successful life form to colonize the continent of Australia. Their combined biomass is the largest in Australia, and they are the only animal that is found throughout the wide land of Oz. The ant fauna of Australia is especially large and diverse.

Have a look at the map displaying the generic ant diversity in Australia (CISRO website 2013) and you can see Brisbane is located right in a red zone, indicating a high population of black ants. You live in this area!

If you have lots of black ants around your home it is a sign that the ecosystem is healthy – it’s a good thing – really. But we understand homeowners have different levels of tolerance to our crawly friends.

How can I get my place treated for Black ants?

First, you should try to reduce the population of ants by implementing the below actions. If you still have a problem with black ants after doing all these things, or you just want action now, call us on 0894688071 and book our special black ant treatment using the transfer poison – Termidor on the outside and special ant gels baits inside.