Thermal Imaging Camera – Termite Detection

Thеrmаl Imaging – The lаtеѕt аdvаnсеmеnt іn dеtесtіng tеrmіtеѕ іn уоur hоmе

As you know termite are insects that feed primarily on dead plant material (called wood) and they cause life-threatening amounts of damage to homes and other kinds of constructions. They also feast on carpet, paper and cloth materials as soon as they have attacked the wooden building. Termite detection maybe easy through the use of some modern machines like Thermal Imaging camera inspection for home but their control can be difficult, however with a slight planning and a taking the initiative plan, they can be managed.

tеrmіtе detection by thermal imaging cаmеrа

It is virtually difficult to manage termites devoid of professional help for proper inspection of your home. If you suspect that they may have attacked your home, it is advisable to call a professional termite inspectors for inspection. These professionals know how to manage, treat and avert the bugs from destroying your belongings.

Detection of termite should really be done early in the home and also prior to construction. There are detection equipment available for these that can help in locating where they are hiding and where they are coming from into the house prevent the pests from gaining access to your home from the outset. If there is no pretreatment, then predictable testing and inspections should be done so that any potential issues can be handled swiftly. Termites are a huge difficult because they feed on wood and destroyed buildings and houses.

Termite detection is tough and traditional approaches depend on knocking on wood. On the other hand, Thermal imaging cameras are being used to productively uncover termites in houses in a non-destructive way. Early detection can make a possibly difficult problem a lot less annoying.

There are little things you can do to as a degree of taking the initiative termite control after detection. Firstly, you should eradicate extra water and humidity from your structure. Termites grow well in damp environments, so try to keep every range in and around your home dry. Also, keep any remains around your home from heaping up. Get rid of it on a routine basis will aid control breeding and infestation. If you pile lumber for burning in the winter time, ensure to store it isolated from the building. You do not want the timber to come in touching base with the structure or foundation.

Using thermal imaging camera termite inspection in your home to trace termite invasions in houses and buildings. The company using this technology is Termicam is to examine houses and detect termite infestations. This technology gives property holder detectable proof of termite infestation and a statistics of how great the problem is. Proprietors can often be ignorant of the level of any termite problems in their homes and may be charged excessively by operators who do not precisely detect the termite problems and consequent treatment.

In the United States of America, termite invasions cause massive economic damage to buildings. The most significant termites is from the family Rhinotermitidae and are subterranean termites, they usually caused injuries to structures (Metcalf and Metcalf 1993). A different foreign termite intruder causing main problems in the southern states. These termites Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki, Formosan termite, was make known into Hawaii in 1906 and into Houston, Texas, in 1965.


When searching for termites in a building or house, it is essential that all areas are scrutinized as quickly and efficiently as possible. With thermal imaging camera for home inspection technology which has an infrared camera to scan the entire floor, walls and ceiling areas of a room fast and deprived of any damage to the structure. The heat designs of the building are recorded as digital images in the memory of the thermal imaging infrared camera. These images will be downloaded after the whole detection at the end of the day to a computer and give a long-lasting record of the inspection and what was detected.

Thermal imaging camera detects heat designs thus there is no radiation discharged from the imaging camera, and no chemicals are used, as a result the technology is very ecologically or environmentally friendly. The images can be used to verify termite invasion and can also be used in the future if there is a need institute the extent of a problem at that date. During summary Termicam system has the following advantages:

  • Non-destructive
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No radiation or chemicals used
  • No damage to the building
  • Rapid and operative scanning for termites
  • Scans all areas, ceilings, floors, walls, and outdoor areas
  • Quick and instantaneous information on termite infestation
  • Precisely locates where to put chemicals for best effect
  • Picture provides evidence and proof of infestation. Good for later reference.